About Cafe de Minuit

Cafe de Minuit...is a place of our dreams,
a place that we could truly be ourselves.
This is a place where we can discuss our passions and dreams.
This is a place where the conversations flow.

During the day, we might find ourselves losing our soul to daily life,
lose ourselves to endless routines,

During the day, we cease to think,
we cease to feel,

And we become trapped by the reality.

But at night,
We dream of a place where we can let our spirits soar.
We dream of Cafe de Minuit,
The place of everlasting night.

The night whispers to us to be free,
Free from the inhibitions of the daylight.
Whoever we are,
whatever it is that bound us during the day,
it as the night falls outside,
And we are once more ourselves.

I, myself, have always found the night to be my muse,
My companion, and my love.

The night has brought me so much feelings and dreams,
And it has sustained me through the years.

If you have also dreamed of place such as Cafe de Minuit,
I hope you will find this place to your liking.
Share your thoughts and feelings,
Share all and hide nothing.
We want to hear your stories.

Browse through our collection of books, music, and movies,
Flip through the travel memories I have collected,
Look through the art and craft collection,
Or dance the night away on the dance floor.
If none of those appeal to you,
Simply be yourself and speak your thoughts.

Cafe de Minuit is always open...