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U.S. - California (Southern)

Huntington Library

It is a Museum and Garden located in the old town Pasadena in Southern California.

Yet the beauty of that place...
The absolute peace you feel walking through the huge mansion that had been once owned by a wealthy tycoon...

Shakespeare Garden

I wish I could wander at night, but unfortunately it is impossible...

There are many gardens in the Huntington Library. Desert, Subtropical, Australia, Zen, Japanese Tea garden...the list goes on.

Japanese Tea House

Abundant Camilias

University of California
Los Angeles (UCLA)

I spent four years of my life at UCLA. I think it is well known university, but as yet, I cannot figure out why. It is a very big campus, where if you are unlucky enough to have to go from one end of the campus to the other within 10 minutes, you should just give up making to the next class on time...which does happen more often than I would have liked to have happened.            

Powell Library

Of course the story completely changes when you come down to South campus. I think when I was there, there was still some grass left in front of the life science building, but I believe they are getting rid of that now to use the much needed space to build some sort of medical/science structure.

Powell Library

One thing we can all count on at UCLA campus...whether you end up living in South of North are these fat squirrels. I think the Daily Bruin once had a poll which discussed these annoying squirrels who are not afraid to chase you down to get your muffin. I fought with one myself and lost.   

Bolsa Chica Bird Reserve
(Sunset Beach California)

One of three Huntington Gallery

I just could not leave this place out of my travel memories.

Rose Garden

There is also a Tea House (appointment is a must) where you can get an experience of what tea with sandwiches/cakes.

Beautiful Rose Garden

Over the many years of my life in Southern California, I have seen Huntington Gardens many times. That leads to the accumulation of many photos and well, I tried to limit them to only few, but thought some might find this collection of nature photography interesting. I won't bother to put comments on each picture since I am lazy and it takes too much time! 

Royce Hall

The middle part of UCLA, I'd say the core and the oldest buildings, are very beautiful, with Romanesque brick buildings and large courtyards with grass and the fountains. North campus, the art and literature side, tends to be relaxing and beautiful as well. You can find people lying on the grass by the research library (my former work place) or on the sculpture garden.

Royce Hall

The atmosphere of South and North campus is very different. Personally, if I had choice, I'd have remained on the North side, the pretty side...but I don't think one gets to choose which side one gets to be on. I guess I should be used to the ugly side of campus by now. I'm at my 3rd academic institute and 3rd ugly side of the campus.     

Fat Squirrel

For anyone who cares to know...Bolsa Chica bird reserve is somewhere between Huntington Beach and Seal Beach in Southern California. It is little south of little known sunset beach. The highway runs on top of the waterway to the sea. There is wetland there which so many have tried so hard to preserve.            
Pick a not too sunny or windy day, take out your binoculars (you'll need a powerful one), especially in spring when you might find some young birds. If you get lucky, you will be so many birds...from Egrets, Sterns, Pelicans, and Herons to birds you wouldn't even be able to name